Solar inverter is the core component of solar power generation system. Many people don't know much about solar inverter and will ask various questions such as is it better to install solar inverter indoor or outdoor? Let's take a look.

Is it better to install solar inverter indoor or outdoor?

  • Xindun
  • March 08, 2022
Solar inverter is the core component of solar power generation system. As an emerging project, solar power generation is entering thousands of households. It can be said to be a class of household appliances, an investment product, and a class of environmentally friendly products. However, because of its recent rise, many people don\'t know much about solar inverter, and they will ask various questions. Let\'s take a look. Have you encountered these problems?

install solar inverter outdoor

Q1: If the solar inverter is dirty, can it be wiped clean with a wet towel? Can it be washed with water?

A1: The solar inverter is working with electricity, it is strictly forbidden to wipe it with a wet towel or wash it with water. If the surface of the solar inverter is dirty, it is necessary to disconnect all AC and DC points, unplug all connection terminals, and wait for 5-10 minutes before cleaning with a dry towel dipped in organic volatile cleaning agent.

Q2: I have children at home who are very naughty and often climb up to play with the solar inverter. Will something happen?

A2: The solar inverter is charged and will heat up when it is working. It is strictly forbidden for children to operate the solar inverter to prevent danger!

Q3: Will the solar inverter be installed indoors will there be radiation and will it affect people\'s health?

A3: The solar inverter has passed the strict inspection of CE, and there is no radiation hazard and will not affect your health.

Q4: I heard that the solar inverter can be connected to GPRS, so can I access the internet through the inverter?

A4: When the solar inverter is connected to GPRS, it uploads data through GPRS. It does not have router function and cannot transmit Wi-Fi signals.

Q5: Can the buttons on the solar inverter display be pressed casually? What should I do if I press them randomly?

A5: The button on the inverter is for the customer to check the parameters of the solar inverter. You can check the relevant parameters according to the steps in the manual. If you accidentally press the wrong key, you can also restore the solar inverter to the previous operating state by consulting the after-sales personnel or checking the manual.

Q6: The connecting wire of the solar inverter was bitten by a mouse, what should I do?

A6: If the solar inverter cable is bitten off, please call the after-sales staff immediately and come to the scene to deal with it. Do not handle it privately to avoid danger.

Q7: The solar inverter is so expensive and if install outdoor, will it be stolen by thieves?

A7: Solar inverters are generally equipped with anti-theft devices.

Q8: In order not to be stolen by thieves, how about I design a sealed anti-theft box for the solar inverter?

A8: The solar inverter will heat up when it is working. If it is installed in a sealed anti-theft box, it will cause the inverter to dissipate heat smoothly. If the temperature is too high, the output power of the inverter will be reduced, and the life of the inverter will also be affected. Therefore, it is not recommended to install a sealed anti-theft box.

Q9: How to install my solar inverter?

A9: When install solar inverter, pls avoid installing the inverter in the following locations:
1. In a location exposed to direct sunlight.
2. Locations with poor ventilation.
3. The location will be exposed to rain.
4. The location is full of debris.

Others installation place please feel free. However, Xindun recommends users to install solar inverter indoors. Solar inverter installed outdoor should pay attention to avoid rain and lightning strikes.

install solar inverter indoor

Although these questions seem a little nonsensical, they are all good materials for solar science. When we promote solar power generation, it is inevitable to encounter such common sense problems. We should explain it patiently. When the common people know and recognize solar science, more people will install solar power generation.

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