How to choose inverter capacity? Total loads and inductive loads etc. affect the inverter capacity. Let's take a look with Xindun now.

How to choose inverter capacity?

  • Xindun
  • December 28, 2021

Customers always ask how to choose inverter capacity? In practice, it is very important to check and select the appropriate inverter capacity!
Below points are key when you decide for inverter capacity:

1)Total loads you will have .For example you have total loads power 5 KW then usually we suggest the inverter capacity will be 6~7.5 kw( 1.2 or 1.5 times than power size of total loads).

How to choose inverter capacity

2)But for main loads which are inductive loads like motor /air conditioner or pump etc. The size of inverter must be about 2.5~3 times than total power of this inductive loads .Because there is very high surge power when these inductive loads start . For example you have main load of pump say 10 kw in three phase and other non inductive loads power like 2.5 kw in total .Then it is better to choose three phase inverter 25~30 KW.

inverter capacity

Above are basic principles . If you steel have any questions about " how to choose inverter capacity " or want to buy inverter just feel free to leave message on our website or contact us by email or whatsapp . We are professional and ready to serve you anytime!Your inquiry is welcome !

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