How to use solar inverter without battery? According to actual needs, inverter will automatically start up in solar connected state, and supply power to the load directly.

How to use solar inverter without battery?

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  • November 29, 2021

Generally speaking, solar inverter is considered as the "gateway" of a solar energy systems. Due to solar panels generate DC electricity, while regular households, shops, appliances require AC electricity to run. And without inverter, you are merely creating a lots of energy that you can store by solar batteries, but not actually use. Therefore, a solar inverter is designed for converts direct current into alternating current electricity.


Whereas, if you use inverter for an off grid solar power system, a battery backup inverter must be equipped with batteries. Through by solar energy into electricity energy, and electricity energy is supplied for loads from battery storage. Nevertheless, almost all solar inverters require large capacity of battery which will increase your cost no doubt.

solar inverter without battery 

So, how to use solar inverter without battery?


The second-generation solar and power grid complementary inverter can be used normally without batteries - Xindun ZRS Generation 2


According to actual needs, the user no need to configure the battery, and inverter will automatically start up in solar connected state, and supply power to the load directly. Without the battery, the installation and maintenance of the solar power system become more easier, which is conducive to reducing operating costs and reducing environmental pollution caused by waste batteries.


Solar inverter without battery will suitable for areas with well-developed power grids but in high electricity costs, or areas where electricity is only needed during the day. Whole solar power system gives priority to the use of solar energy, and to reduce the power grid pressure and electricity bills.

 How to use solar inverter without battery

It allows solar or power grid to be supplied to the load directly through the inverter. You can choose AC priority mode or Solar priority mode to save your investment in batteries. Of course, there are more instructions, you can contact us for further information.