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The technical performance of the inverter mainly includes the rated output voltage, the unbalance of the output voltage of the inverter, and the rated output efficiency of the inverter, etc. Let's take a look with Xindun now.

Power inverter's technical performance (1)

  • Xindun
  • November 17, 2020

Power inverter\'s technical performance:

1, The rated output voltage in the specified input DC voltage to allow fluctuations in the range, it means that the inverter should be able to output the rated voltage. The stability accuracy of the output rated voltage is generally specified as follows:

(1) In steady state operation, the voltage fluctuation range should have a limit, for example, its deviation does not exceed the rated value of & plusmn; 3% or 5%.

(2) The output voltage deviation should not exceed the rated value of 8% or 10% in the dynamic condition of the load mutation (rated load 0% & rarr; 50% & rarr; 100%) or other interference factors.

2, The output voltage imbalance under normal operating conditions, the inverter output of the three-phase voltage imbalance (reverse order component of the positive sequence component ratio) should not exceed a specified value, generally expressed in%, such as 5% Or 8%.

Power inverter\'s technical performance

3, The output voltage waveform distortion When the inverter output voltage is sinusoidal, should be allowed to allow the maximum waveform distortion (or harmonic content). It is usually expressed as the total waveform distortion of the output voltage and should not exceed 5% (10% for single-phase output).

4, The rated output frequency inverter output AC voltage frequency should be a relatively stable value, usually frequency 50Hz. Under normal operating conditions, the deviation should be less than 1%.

5, The load power factor characterizes the inverter with inductive load or capacitive load capacity. In the sine wave condition, the load power factor is 0.7 ~ 0.9 (hysteresis), the rated value is 0.9.

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