In the last article, we talked about five of the top ten technical performances of the inverter. Let’s continue to learn about the other performances of the inverter with Xindun.

Power inverter‘s technical performance (2)

  • Xindun
  • December 24, 2021

Power inverter‘s technical performance:

6,Rated output current (or rated output capacity) indicates the rated output current of the inverter within the specified load power factor. Some inverter products give the rated output capacity, the unit in VA or KVA said. The rated capacity of the inverter is the product of the rated output voltage when the output power factor is 1 (ie, pure resistive load).

7, The rated output efficiency The efficiency of the inverter is in the specified working conditions, the output power to the input power ratio, expressed in%. The efficiency of the inverter at rated output capacity is full load efficiency, and the efficiency of the rated output capacity at 10% is low load efficiency.

Power inverter‘s technical performance (2)

8, Protection

(1) over-voltage protection: no voltage stability measures for the inverter, there should be output over-voltage protection measures, so that the negative cut from the output over-voltage damage.

(2) over-current protection: inverter over-current protection, should be able to ensure that the load occurs when the short circuit or current exceeds the allowable value in a timely manner to protect it from inrush current damage.

9,The starting characteristics of the characteristics of the inverter with load start and dynamic performance. The inverter should ensure reliable starting at rated load.

10, Noise Power electronic equipment in the transformer, filter inductors, electromagnetic switches and fans and other components will produce noise. When the inverter is running normally, its noise should not exceed 80dB, the noise of the small inverter should not exceed 65dB.