What is mppt solar inverter?Mppt solar inverter refers to Mppt built in to the inverter .The Mppt solar inverter is actually to make full use of solar cells, so that it runs at the maximum power point. Let's take a look with Xindun now.

What is mppt solar inverter?

  • Xindun
  • January 07, 2022

1. What is Mppt solar inverter?


Mppt solar inverter refers to the built-in mppt in the inverter, which can save a lot of space and is also convenient to carry.

Mppt is to adjust the output power of the photovoltaic array according to the characteristics of different external environment temperature, light intensity, etc., so that the photovoltaic array always outputs the maximum power. According to calculations, Mppt solar inverters will generate much more power than inverters without Mppt. Therefore, if you want a photovoltaic system to generate more electricity, don’t just look at solar panels. Finally, how much electricity from solar panels can be effectively output,It depend on Mppt inverter

2. About our Mppt solar inverter:


① This is a Mppt solar inverter of our company, the Mppt solar inverter does not require batteries.

② When the MPPT solar inverter is connected to the AC, the charging current of the AC can reach 60A.

③ Wide solar input voltage 500vdc
④ Mppt solar inverter is designed with high frequency, with high power density, high efficiency and low no-load loss.
⑤ The battery charging and discharging voltage parameters of the Mppt solar inverter are adjustable, and the AC charging current 0~60A can also be set according to the actual situation. It is suitable for different types of batteries, so You don\'t have to worry about the inverter and the battery not matching after you buy it.

Mppt solar inverter has three working modes to choose from, you can choose according to your actual situation (the three working modes are: mains priority, battery priority, PV priority)

⑦ Our mppt solar inverter supports RS485/mobile APP (WIFI or GPRS), so you can remotely check the working status of the inverter anytime and anywhere to ensure the normal operation of the inverter.

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