The 3 phase inverter can be either a 3 phase to single phase inverter or a 3 phase to 3 phase stable voltage inverter, which can be applied to both industrial and household equipment.

Can 3 phase inverter be converted to single phase inverter?

  • Xindun
  • December 01, 2022

To answer this question, let us explain the principle of a 3 phase to single phase inverter initially. The so-called 3 phase pattern is that a 3 phase inverter can generate 3 potential with equal amplitude, equal frequency and each phase difference of 120°degree. Using a 3 phase inverter as power source, it’s called 3 phase power supply, as a circuit powered by a 3 phase power supply is called a 3 phase circuit.

By connected voltage from ‘Phase’ to ‘Phase’ and you’ll get a 380V line-to-line voltage, or connect the voltage from ‘Phase’ to ‘Neutral Point’, you’ll get a phase-to-line voltage of 220V.

And due to the single phase inverter power supply is obtained by connecting the neutral wire + neutral point, whilst connecting with any one among of live wires. So the voltage at any relative neutral point is 220VAC.Therefore, the existence of 3 phase to single phase inverter is reasonable.

In another word, the power from your 3 phase inverter is all 3 phase, and each of the phase power and its neutral point can form a single phase loop to provide power energy for home use. so the method of converting 3 phase into single phase is to connect any one of the 3 phase, A-phase, B-phase, C-phase, with the neutral wire (zero wire) and one of the live wires L1, L2, L3, and its voltage will be 220V. And technically speaking, single phase connect way can well compatible with any phase in a 3 phase inverter, it does not cause any problems for ordinary use in your dwellings.


3 phase to single phase inverter conversion diagram


Although the cost of a 3 phase inverter is higher than a single phase inverter. However, single phase inverter cannot convert back to 3 phase power. Personally, I think the benefit of a 3 phase to single phase inverter outweighs the additional cost.3 phase inverter allow for more stable operation with less voltage and frequency fluctuations, so your 3 phase to single phase inverter occurs fewer trips and power outage. Once the solar inverter trips, you will lost all solar power until 3 phase inverter is reset manually or automatically. So compare to the single phase inverter, your 3 phase to single phase inverter is much less likely to trip on an ‘overvoltage’ or ‘over-frequency’ fault.

In particular, almost all 3 phase inverter are pure sine wave output, it not only generate 3 phase power for industrial use, but also for household use by setting into single phase connection way. You can have a low noise, durable and stable output solutions, and notably that’s designed for both resistive and inductive loads types of home appliances or industrial facilities. You can run with refrigerators, washing machines, pumps, compressors, air conditioners, even with other motor device.


3 phase to single phase inverter application


Now Xindun Power launched state of the art 3 phase inverter with integrated screen design, and a wide range from 4Kva to 200Kva options, as it supports 100% imbalanced load at the same time. Find us for further details about 3 phase to single phase inverter by contacting our online staff.


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