3 phase inverter operation is suitable for high-power industrial power or medium and large power supply sites. Pure sine wave single-phase and three-phase electrical output. The operation of three phase inverter is always the most important core part of solar power system.How does the 3 phase inverter operation realize power output through line connection?

How to make the operation of three phase inverter safe and orderly?

  • Xindun
  • December 01, 2022

When it comes to three phase inverter operation, the first thing you may think of is industrial electricity, which is true, due to three-phase electricity has more opportunities to be used in industry or medium and large power supply places, which is different from single-phase electricity power in homes or offices, such as 220v/230v electricity in your home, belongs to the category of single-phase electricity, while the corresponding three-phase electricity is 380v. (In addition, if your country or region uses 110v single-phase electricity, the three phase power is 220v), we all know the operation of three phase inverter that because the three-phase power has the setting of three live wires L1/L2/L3, it can easily drive the high-power three-phase motor, not only that, the three-phase inverter are also widely used in factory uninterruptible power supplies, telecommunications, data centers, rural power generation systems, even other industrial facilities.

When using these high-power industrial electrical equipment, like 380v compressors, water pumps, drilling holes, and large motor engines, your household 220v AC power supply can no longer meet their needs, and the three phase inverter with the same 380v AC output will come in handy.


3 phase inverter operation


So, how does the operation of three phase inverter achieve an output of 380v through a line connection? First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the wire diameter of the three-phase inverter is large enough and can match the power of the three-phase inverter. Whether it is the input wire, the output wire, the ground wire, or the battery wire, it is necessary to avoid the wire diameter that is too small. If the diameter is too small, it is easy to generate heat, which can easily lead to fire, which will be life-threatening. Secondly, according to the L/N/PE of the connecting line and the corresponding color distinction, correctly connect the output line directly to the output terminal block, and connect the input line directly to the input terminal block, that is to say, commercial power/mains power can be input to three phase inverter through the terminal block, and the load can also be output through the terminal block.

In addition, the 3 phase inverter, the general wiring method can be three-phase four-wire system (three live wires, one ground wire) or three-phase five-wire system (three live wires, one ground wire, one neutral wire), according to its own place of use to make reasonable three phase inverter operation setting to confirm whether the voltage input range of loads will meets the requirements and whether the voltage polarity is correct.

Next, select the number of batteries and volts that match the battery voltage of the 3 phase inverter, and connect the positive and negative poles of the battery correctly to use the 3 phase inverter to provide AC power output for the load. This is the normal 3 phase inverter operation.


3 phase inverter operation wiring method


After learning about the 3 phase inverter, do you find that the 3 phase inverter operation is very simple and practical?

In a solar power system, the 3 phase inverter is always the most important core component. After you have selected solar panels, batteries, and solar controllers, choosing a suitable, high-quality, and stable three phase inverter not only make your solar power systems are safer and more durable, but also most failures will be reduced.


three phase inverter operation factory


Xindun Power has launched a industrial use three phase inverter with CPU control, intelligent integrated screen, and pure sine wave output, with an ultra-wide power selection range from 4Kva to 200Kva, at the same time, it has anti-interference and surge protection. If you are hesitating how to choose your three phase inverter, please contact our customer service and you could find a tailor 3 phase inverter solution here.

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