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what is an inverter?

  • 581
  • Jimmy at
  • May 31, 2017

    Inverter is an electrical device that converted the DC input voltage to  AC output voltage ,The DC input voltage is typically the voltage of the battery voltage or solar power,The AC output voltage is  standard household AC voltage.  so it is able to be used to by  common household appliance.

    There are different  types of inverters based on the output waveforms,output phase,frenquecy,In general,there are two inverter types:off grid inverter and on grid inverter.For off grid inverter,which is usually used as backup power supply inPower shortage area .as well as  on grid inverter always used to support city power in developed areas.

   wall-mounted inverter

    As an  inverter manufacturer. we focus on off grid inverter for more than 11 years