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What is the difference between hybrid inverter and grid tie inverter?

  • Xindun
  • January 04, 2023

Solar power is widely used in our lives. People can choose to store solar power or feed to the city grid. But you need to choose the right type of solar inverter for it. Now there are two main types of solar inverters: hybrid inverter and grid tie inverter. 

So what is the difference between hybrid inverter and grid tie inverter?

Hybrid inverter refers to both grid tie inverter and off grid inverter.
Off grid solar inverter is used to store solar power and grid power to the battery system, the main function of this inverter is to store power to the batteries. When city grid power off, people can use the power from the battery.Inside thesolar inverter, it has a solar charge controller build in,we call it hybrid inverter. That means inverter+solar charge controller all in one; solar charge+city grid power charge the battery system.If the city grid power always power off and not strong enough in your location,then hybrid inverter is suitable for you.


ES on off grid hybrid inverter 


Grid tie inverter won’t store power to the battery system,it will feed the solar power to city grid.So it’s main function is to feed solar power to the city grid.During this procedure,you can use a gauge table to figure how much power to feed to the city grid and you can earn money from the government.Or you can choose not to take that money,but to reduce the consumption grid fee.For example in Malaysia,the city grid is strong enough but not power enough,then Malaysia government encourage people to feed solar power to the grid.

Here is the answer of "What is the difference between hybrid inverter and grid tie inverter".And an on off grid hybrid inverter ES from XINDUN POWER includes the functions of grid tie inverter and off grid solar inverter.Welcome to contact us for more information on inverter prices.