How to choose the best inverter and battery combination for home? It depends on the situation in your home.Please take a look with Xindun.

The best Inverter and Battery Combination for Home

  • Xindun
  • January 08, 2022

Why need the best inverter and battery combination for home? Did you ever meet this dilemma? You’re watching TV with your families, enjoying the air conditioning in a hot summer day. Suddenly, everything stops working. What will happen?


You will need an inverter and battery combination as a backup power supply to help.
Even the power grid stops working, the devices remains functioning normally, because your have backup power supply!

How to choose the best inverter and battery combination for home?

First, you’d better choose a suitable inverter to convert the electricity. Inverter plays an important role to convert DC from battery or grid to AC load use. There are multiple sine wave outputs for inverter. Among them, pure sine wave has the most similar current to the electric current for the devices, with a nice, pure, smooth sine wave. Therefore, it’s better to choose a pure sine wave inverter.


Second, you’d better choose the suitable battery. When the grid works normally, energy will be to stored into the battery. It’s important to choose battery with sufficient capacity, based on your actual loads consumption. If lots of electrical devices functioning at the same time, you’d better choose bigger capacity. Apart from it, you need to consider whether the batteries and the inverter can be combined properly or not. Nowadays, VRLA battery, gel battery and lithium battery are common in inverter and battery combination. Everyone has different situation in their home. You’d better ask professionally for technical advice.


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