If pure resistive loads, and the total load is 10kVA, 10kVA power Inverter is sufficient. But if inductive load, it is recommended that you carry 3.5KW ~ 4.0kW at most on the 10Kva power inverter, and it is best to keep 2.5 or 3 times

What can 10Kva inverter power?

  • Xindun
  • February 17, 2022

When choosing PV use inverter, do you have question like how large load can it actually carry with my inverter?Let us take a 10Kva inverter as an example to further explain with you, Please follow with Xindun to discover What can 10Kva inverter power.

If the device types you run are all pure resistive loads. Theoretically speaking, it can be equivalent to the nominal power of your inverter, that said, the nominal power of the inverter is 10Kva as its maximum output power. Thus, your load can be 10Kva in total. And the incandescent lamps, rice cookers, TV sets, electric kettles, ovens used in our house are all resistive load types.


Nevertheless, there are also partial home appliances that belong to inductive load type. They require a larger current and power, so have to be considered in terms of the rated current and maximum peak power of the inverter. Generally speaking, any equips with motors or transformers are named inductive loads, which will require more starting power to achieve a normal operating. In case your load is inductive pattern or impact pattern, we all recommend that you can carry with a maximum of 3.5Kw~4.0Kw on a 10Kva power inverter, better keep 2.5 or 3 times base on the actual power of loads. From another aspect, the different waveform will affect the load capacity as well. If you load type is an inductive load, try to use pure sine wave pattern of inverter, which can not only stabilize the output, but reduce working noise, notably pure sine waves can be used on shock-loaded equip against from modified sine wave.

Furthermore, try to keep a margin value to ensure that your inverter can work for a long time in day. If you have not yet figure out the load power consumption accurately. Then it will be a not bad method to keep your load at 70%, do not keeping to carry your inverter in 100% full loads for a whole day, it can prevent your inverter from overheating or failure comes.

Plus, you need to pay more attention to whether the inverter your purchase that is actual power or non-actual power it marked. If you have 10kva power inverter but the actual power used is only 7Kva, it will occur errors fault due to your load much exceed and overpower.


Xindun provides 10Kva 3 phase / single phase power inverters and integrated solar power soluitons, which can meet your use in household, residential, public, or small or medium-sized industrial usage. Meanwhile, Xindun will also explain how to choose a appropriate configuration of controller and solar panels for your inverter system. How to reasonable the panel array in series/parallel to carry loads.

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