Whether the high frequency inverter can drive the washing machine depends on its waveform and power.

Can a DC to AC high frequency inverter drive a washing machine?

  • Xindun
  • November 30, 2020

DC to AC high frequency inverter with pure sine wave output can drive washing machines, but other waveforms cannot. In addition, the power of the washing machine should also be considered. For a washing machine with a rated power of 500W, the starting power will generally go to 1000W-1500W, then the high frequency inverter you choose is either greater than 500W rated power and 3 times the starting peak power, or greater than 1500W rated power.

Can a dc to ac high frequency inverter drive a washing machine?

The washing machine is an inductive load, which is an electrical appliance made by the principle of electromagnetic induction. This type of electrical appliance requires a starting power much larger than its rated power when starting. The moment the inductive load is switched on or off, it will generate a back-EMF voltage with a peak value far exceeding the voltage that the inverter can withstand, which can easily cause instantaneous overload of the inverter and damage the inverter and the load. Therefore, inductive loads have higher requirements for power waveforms.

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